Building a more resilient workforce to meet challenges of tomorrow

Quadrupling in size since 1950, the working age population in Asia and the Pacific now accounts for 67.2 per cent of the total population in the region and is set to peak at 3.3 billion by the mid-2030s. Now is the moment for Asia and the Pacific to harness this demographic window by investing in a more resilient working age population.

From social protection to solidarity: The cost-effective path to a stronger society

Solidarity is declining among people in the 21st century. This is evident in various aspects of society, including extreme individualism and consumerism, and growing polarization and fragmentation of social groups. Many people are bogged down with satisfying their own needs and wants, often with little regard for the needs of others. At the global level, nationalism is on the rise, paving the way for a greater separation of a country's interests from those of humanity as a whole.

Social protection can safeguard access to productivity-boosting opportunities

Social protection can safeguard access to productivity-boosting opportunities

Selahattin Selsah Pasali1 & Ermina Sokou2

More than reducing poverty and income inequality, social protection safeguards access to basic opportunities across the life cycle, particularly in times of need. When a household is protected through a social protection scheme, potential loss of income from unemployment, maternity, disability, sickness or old age does not have to upend their standard of living.